Monday, July 8, 2013


It is sad but true that my boys know so much more about technology than I do!  I must say Will was very receptive tonight when I asked him a couple of questions.  We were discussing various things on our way back from my father-in-law's in Waynesboro.  Will said, "Mom, have you ever used Prezi?"  Well, I had not even heard of it.  "It is really cool.  My professors are pretty impressed with what we can accomplish with it."

So when we got home, we went into the bedroom got on the computer and he showed me Prezi.  I have attached a link to an education one that was done.

It allows for a question or topic to pop up, time to answer, and then the answer will eventually come.  Perhaps you can do some of this on powerpoint as well and I am just not accomplished enough.  However, thanks to this course I have a feeling I will play around quite a bit this summer with pp and hopefully eventually venture into Prezi.

As Will said, "Mom your kids would REALLY love this and they would think you were really cool to be able to do it."

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