Monday, July 8, 2013

Understanding by Design

Please let me first say I am wondering if I am understanding as I only see my own posts posted.  Perhaps I am not doing something right.

On to UbD.  I am still try to wrap my head around it.  I thought all teachers started by designing backwards ~ having your end goal(s) what you think about first.  From your end goals, then you can start to work your way to the goals.

I think teachers play a twofold role.  I think they are both conveyors of content information, as well as, coaches of understanding.  I believe students need to have reached a certain level of information and then they can process the information.  How many of us have finished a class period with wow, what a tremendous class.  Of course we want students to be able to take what they learn and expand and run with it.  But they need  some basic information first.

I needed something more concrete than this article to look at so I googled Understanding by Design lesson plans.  Since I  am elementary, I concentrated on elementary lesson plans.  I wanted to compare what I might have in a lesson plan to a UbD lesson plan. I have included a few links below.

I was particularly interested in these lesson plans as they are on the same subjects as what I do with students - nonfiction vs fiction, different types of print, reading informational text, and research.

Writing a UbD lesson plan:

Many different links on this page to UbD lesson plans


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  3. Independent Research Assignment

    Name __________________ Teacher: _____________________

    Check off assignments as they are completed

    Assignment 1
     Develop ideas for 3 Research Topics
     Have Ms. Schweizer or teacher approve one of the topics

    Assignment 2
     Do additional research on your approved topic
     Make a list of articles and information you might want to use
     Have Ms. Schweizer or teacher approve your list

    Assignment 3
     Develop research questions and put them in the Research Four Square
     Have Ms. Schweizer or teacher approve your research questions

    Assignment 4
     Copy and paste information related to your research questions into Word
     Paraphrase the information
     Have Ms. Schweizer or teacher approve your paraphrased information

    Assignment 5
     Using, create a bibliography of all sources used
     Have Ms. Schweizer or teacher approve your bibliography

    Assignment 6
     Using your paraphrased information, write your research paper or develop your PowerPoint presentation
     If doing a PowerPoint, create an outline in word
     If doing a paper, use a new Four Square to organize your paper
     Have your outline of four square approved by Ms. Schweizer or teacher

    Assignment 7
     Turn in rough draft of PowerPoint or paper to Ms. Schweizer or your teacher for comments

    Assignment 8
     Make final edits to your PowerPoint presentation or research paper


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